Meet Alison


I am a wife, mother and grandmother, with a passion for home decorating on the side.

I married my teenage sweetheart when I was 19, and we have been on an exciting life voyage ever since. Through business, into the ministry, through children, grandchildren, near death experiences and rollercoaster rides of discovery with each other, we have thrived and lived life as fully as we knew how and continue to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ together.

I have a background in Nursing, and a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership and Coaching.

I am a leadership coach.

I love to teach seminars on leadership issues all leaders face and to coach people in personal development.

I enjoy helping women succeed in reaching their full potential.

I write about women’s issues, Christian growth, leadership and coaching.

I speak, teach and preach about the above.

I serve my local church as Pastor.

I like decaf coffee with a friend in a good coffee shop, long brisk walks with hubby and dogs, playing with the younger grandkids, and talking heart to heart with the older granddaughters during sleepovers, decorating my home when there is time, and a good dinner out with my sweetheart or a chaotic family meal with everyone participating.

You can find me on facebook and Pinterest

So, come join me as we grow together.

You are welcome here.